Wanna Bacon?

'Cause bacon makes everything better

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Introducing Wanna Bacon…

Bacon makes everything better, and it will make your iMessage better too! Express yourself with a sense of humor, extra flavor, and give people a taste they will never forget. If you don’t know how to say it, let our bacon do the work for you. Don’t miss these hot-off-the-grill bacon stickers!

Bacon character looking at watch angrily, as if someone is running late
Bacon character with wings and a halo like an angel
Three bacon characters partying, drinking alcohol with streamers
Bacon character with question marks above its head, questioning, and with a sweat drop
Bacon character with a drink and a speech bubble saying 'drinks?'
Bacon character with a plate of hamburgers asking 'grab a bite?'
Bacon character with love heart eyes and red roses behind its back
Bacon character seated at table, sipping a cup of coffee, reading the newspaper, with a flower in a vase on the table

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